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Indoor Hermann's Tortoise Enclosures




我主要關注澳大利亞藍舌石龍子的兩個亞種,它們都只在澳大利亞大陸發現。北部藍舌( Tiliqua scincoides intermedia)和東部藍舌( Tiliqua scincoides scincoides)。我的每隻動物在視覺和基因上都是野生動物的完美典範。

Outdoor Skink and Tortoise Paddocks




  • 刺參(Antaresia stimsoni)史汀生的巨蟒(Stimson's Pythons)

  • 安哥拉巨蟒

  • 偏頭痛,粉紅色的舌石龍子

  • 鵝掌nia




INDOOR Keeping

Ideally every species we manage would be given the opportunity to reside outdoors year round, however, that is not always possible with a collection of species from a diverse range of climates. Therefore, we do have indoor enclosures for animals to either overwinter or reside year round. For the animals that live indoors our goal is to ensure they have ample space to exhibit their healthy natural behaviors such as burrowing, climbing, basking, digging, etc. 

Our every indoor enclosure has the highest quality artificial UVB/UVA lighting available on the market. Each enclosure is either custom made, Exo-Terra Terrariums, or the premium PVC enclosures from Kages Custom Reptile Enclosures. Each Kages Enclosure was designed specifically by TC to have appropriate ventilation yet hold heat and maintain healthy thermal gradients for the species managed. 

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