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安妮(Anery PieTOwns)

(Lichanura trivirgata gracia)
我專門與Anerythristic Pioneertown地區Rosy Boa合作,後者是世界上最稀有的針對特定地區的Rosy Boa“變體”之一。只有極少數的繁殖者會產生這些獨特的生物,這使它們在與之合作的人中倍受珍視。這些絕對令人驚嘆的小蛇散發著淡藍色的虹膜和近乎薰衣草/灰色的色彩,真正地引人注目。關於這些小美人最有趣的部分是遺傳突變(又名變體)首先出現在人工飼養中!有關更多信息,請閱讀以下這些令人驚嘆的小蛇的歷史。
We are no longer breeding Rosy Boas 
Anerythristic Pioneertown Rosy Boa
Anerythristic Pioneertown Morph的歷史
Visually "wildtype" Heterozygous for Anerythristic Pioneertown Rosy Boa
Visual Anerythristic Pioneertown Rosy Boas
簡短地說,Anerythristic Pioneertown Rosy或“ Anery Pietown”之所以特別,有兩個原因。首先,Anery表型起源於圈養標本,而不是在野外發現/收集的。其次,它是局部純係,也是簡單的隱性遺傳“形態”。
1993年,拉爾夫·克勞奇(Ralph Crouch)向米奇·艾倫(Mitch Allen)出售了一對F1對新生野生型(外觀正常)的加利福尼亞州Pioneertown,地處Rosy Boas。拉爾夫·克勞奇(Ralph Crouch)分享說,他親自在加州先鋒鎮(Pioneertown)收集父母。米奇·艾倫(Mitch Allen)繁殖了它們,並在1999年生產了三(3)只F2垃圾。米奇·艾倫(Mitch Allen)再育父母兩年,再也無法再生產安納莉(Anery)的後代,因此父母被賣給了當地的一家寵物店。
2004年,米奇·艾倫(Mitch Allen)通過將雄性Anery與其同胞雌性進行育種,證明了該基因是簡單隱性的。 F3垃圾中有另外兩(2)個Anery嬰兒,因此正式證明了“ Anery”的視覺特徵。從那時起,我們一直採取謹慎和故意的照顧,以確保這種本地性/特徵組合保持純正。
Goldbarg,M.,(2014) [訪問時間6/24/2019]
A Note from TC On "Morphs"
Over the past 30 years my perspective on "morphs" has taken all kinds of forms. For clarity sake I'm defining a "morph" here as a genetic trait that yields a phenotypic (visual) expression. Morphs are either multigene or single gene meaning they can be either a combination of traits such as albino and anerythristic or a single trait like striped or something. Morphs exist in many captive reptile species today. 

In general I find myself drawn to the wildtype expression in animals aka the natural form seen in nature. I find that contemporary nature and wildlife are my very favorite animals to observe in the wild and also manage in captivity. I'm not a particular fan of the subculture within reptile keeping that seeks to play with animal genetics either through line breeding, crossing genetic traits, or even worse hybridizing species to get a new pretty creation. Yet, I will absolutely support the liberty for those who wish to do so.  I will also own the fact that I do breed the anerythristic morph of Pioneertown Rosy Boas.

As for me personally, I see morphs as the sprinkles on top of the ice-cream sundae whereby the natural form is the ice-cream. It hurts to see most of the community so excited over a bowl full of sprinkles and no ice-cream at all. The growing trend that saddens me is that the wildtype is too often viewed as useless or worthless which is fundamentally untrue from my perspective. I have a passion for conservation, preservation, and appreciation for natural found beauty. Therefore, over the next decade I will be moving away from producing any morphs whatsoever including these beautiful boas. 
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